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Everyone Loves a Surprise! ~2-27-24

Updated: Jun 10

Unbeknownst to my daughter and both grandsons, and with a little help from my son-in-law, I set out to create a fun week in NY to visit and surprise the family during a week our oldest grandson was out for winter break. I went as far as listing various events and activities that would keep me from chatting (while on the plane to see them) and at 8:45 p.m. I simply knocked on the door, recording my daughter's reaction. It was everything I hoped it would be! (Singers would love her tall open-mouthed vowel!) We recorded saying hello to a sleepy child who got up at 10:00 pm to go to the bathroom, said hello and the unbelief in his eyes was so strong we thought he was still asleep! The next day our 2 1/2 year old was bright-eyed and so excited cause "Mimi came my house. Ok-Homa!" Nothing fills my heart more than being a shining light for these bright, loving boys, going with them to museums, playing games, teaching them about how much Pops loved them and I smile, knowing he is watching from above. It's now my job to be both Mimi and Pops, and I will forever cherish that role.

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Mar 13


Thank you very much for playing the piano at the All State Choir tonight. It was such a pleasure watching you play the piano again. You brought me back to my years at Norman High in treble choir and I have always admired how you carry yourself. You are elegant, knowledgeable and kind. Once again, thank you.

A former student from NHS

Patti Drennan
Patti Drennan
Mar 13
Replying to

Aw, I truly appreciate your kind words and I’m glad you were able to be here at the concert! I’m assuming you had a performer there? I often find this the case and I find it heartwarming to see a second generation continuing the music making.

Much love,


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