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"An Unexpected Life Change"- 6-20-22

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

On April 5th, 2022 my world came to a screeching halt. During a staff meeting, a tall policeman came to our church and asked to speak to me. Thinking he was the piano tuner whom I'd hired to come that morning, I thought nothing of it. When he asked my name and I saw his badge on his belt, I began to think, "I didn't do anything wrong. Why are you asking my name?" He then asked that horrible question if I knew James Drennan and I explained that he was my husband. He informed me that early that morning he was involved in a car accident and he was killed, very possibly by someone who ran a red light. My beautiful world with my high-school sweetheart was now forever changed. I can't begin to tell you how devastating it is to lose a spouse with whom you dated seven years then married for almost 47 years. Our charmed life of 54 years was now torn apart leaving two grieving adult children, a son-in-law who lost his mentor and two adorable grandsons who wouldn't gain the love and wisdom of their adoring "Pops". In a whirlwind of phone calls, texts, casseroles and flowers, we proceeded to compile memories, pictures and stories of a beloved husband and father who left this earth MUCH too soon. We had a beautiful service that served as a glowing testimony of his life and it gives me comfort to re-visit it when I don't mind revisiting the tears. ( Jim dearly loved his holy Father, me, our children and grandsons and playing in the church orchestra as a founding member. As a tribute, I suggested donations made to First Baptist Church, 211 W. Comanche, Norman, OK and designated a "James S. Drennan Memorial Scholarship" to help university students with playing in the church orchestra. This way students can be connected to the church, worship through music and Jim's legacy of using his spiritual gifts will live on for years to come.

If I could encourage anyone who reads this to do one thing, it is this: Hold your loved ones tight and tell them often you love them. Each day is not guaranteed and while we will meet again one day in Heaven, the pain of living without a loved one has a deeply challenging ripple effect on your family. This happens when you have an exceptional spouse and Father.

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