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"To Win or Not to Win" ~ 1.16.18

Updated: Mar 21, 2018

It's always a joy to write and perform with our daughter, Emily Drennan Lopez. One of our songs, "How Love Began" was recorded and appeared on our "Mother Daughter Christmas CD". We found out it had been nominated for a Hollywood "Music and Media" Award with a ceremony held in Hollywood, CA! Win or lose, we had to be there!! As a little side trip, we took in shopping, long strolls down Hollywood Boulevard, where we focused on famous people who had been awarded a star, and of course, a 1/2 day taping of "The Price is Right". What a fun time we had hanging out together, laughing at different situations that were a little out of our comfort zone (hearing some "cocktail" chatter by various performers as they marketed themselves while we waited in a long line to get in the awards ceremony) and then just the joy of trying to be so animated to possibly get chosen for the Price is Right. Whatever happened can be seen on our February 2nd taping of the show. You may or may not see us in our matching bright pink "Plinko" shirts. Set your DVRs just in case to see if we win or not!!

We tried to be animated to be chosen for "The Price is Right"!

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