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"The Most Beautiful Grandchild"-10-18-18

Almost every adult I know longs for the time when they will experience a life with children, a family to love and nurture. Our family of four has been a joy and we are so proud of our children and their successes, their generous hearts and their kindness. After a much-awaited time, we finally joined the "Grandparent Club", that special place where a tiny cell grows into a little human and adults earn bragging rights about who has the "Most Beautiful Grandchild." Well, we have earned that honor with the birth of our perfect grandson, Jameson! Round cheeks, dark black hair and piercing blue eyes, he is a snuggler and the best baby who sleeps longs periods of time, eats well and looks at us like we are about to impart the wisdom of Solomon! What is so rewarding is to see our daughter and son-in-law demonstrate the strong love and parenting skills so important in the molding of a tiny babe into a loving, caring little boy. We are blessed by this gift of God and can't wait to spoil him on as many occasions as possible! Jameson, all though we are a little late to the grandparent party, at least we have a party to attend!!


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