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"It's All About That Name"~ 4-26-18

I finally am getting to experience something many of my friends and colleagues have already done many times over-choosing a name that you want your FIRST GRANDCHILD to call you! Though my husband and I are a little late to the "Grandparent" party, we think it's great to have a party at all! THEN, I'll be that obnoxious doting "Gigi", "Mimi" or TBD name and show countless adorable baby pics and expect everyone to "ooh and ah" just like I did with their 3+ grandchildren! Our precious, talented bundle-of-joy will be delivered supposedly on our son, Adam's birthday, October 7th. If you know Adam, he's not your demonstrative, talkative son who will revel in the shared birthday, but inwardly, I know he'll enjoy a little one with whom to interact!

I didn't realize the vast number of name possibilities and the enormous challenge it is to pick just the right name! There is a great grandmother still living, so "Grandma" is out. And I don't feel that old. Yet. "Memaw" sounds like I'm 85 and living on a farm. "Glamma" isn't in the running, either. I'm not a glamorous Grandma. "Mimi", "Gigi" and "Grammy" (hence the musical reference) are in the running, but as many have told me, one has to wait to see what the little tyke will say that will melt your heart, and that is your tagline. Just don't let him/her mutter "MeeMaw." Please....

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