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"Celebrating Six Women Choral Composers in Concert" - March 2, 2020

I have been writing music since 1970, arranging music for choirs since about 1978 and I had my first scripture song published in 1986, garnering a whopping one-time fee of $48.00! I was now a "published" composer and I had a goal to have an octavo in print for choir members to hold and perform. That bucket-list goal was achieved in 1992 with "Clap Your Hands", my first anthem, which to date is my highest selling octavo. A simple SAB voicing, the piece is energetic and has been sung in both schools and churches around the world. Fast-forward to 2020, I am pleased to have over 700 anthems, piano and vocal books published with 13 major publishers. As a women composer, it has been exciting to see more and more females put their artistic craft on paper and share their musical gifts. Other composers to be celebrated are Andrea Ramsey, Rosephanye Powell, Chen Yi, Joan Szymko, Jocelyn Hagen. It is an honor to be recognized with five other women to have our music performed by the Tulsa (OK) Chorale the evening of March 21, 2020 at Cascia Hall, 2520 South Yorktown Avenue,Tulsa, OK. To share the stage with these women is exciting and I look forward to hearing them share their passion of choral writing. Tickets may be purchased at

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