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"Can't stop the music"-11-20-20

We all remember where we were in March, 2020 when the word "Covid-19" reared its ugly head. Many of us were dismayed, fearful and I will admit, I uttered the words, "Surely this won't last too long." Unfortunately, time dragged on and our performances, worship services, music reading sessions, eating out, congregating with friends drastically changed. We were in a pandemic and we were fighting to stay healthy. Those that were of greater health risks were caught in a hospital fighting for their lives. So many of our friends, family and complete strangers have perished from this dreaded virus. Businesses closed and many never re-opened. Schools are teaching online one week and in-class the next. We are still fighting this disease nine months later and musicians and teachers are striving to not let the music stop. Social distancing with masks and increased ventilation have given our world a brief reprieve. No, it's not the same and the sound is different, but we are STILL making music! In a world of hurt and loss, music HAS to remain alive and act as a healing balm for our souls. Thank you, conductors and musicians for investing in this new "normal" and letting music LIVE!

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