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An Unexpected Opportunity- 6-10-24

God places extraordinary people in extraordinary places without our planning or our knowledge. Such is the case when a conversation occurred over a pizza dinner with our family. When chatting about music with our composer friend, Kitt, he mentioned that he was interested in doing another music project. As conversation progressed, he learned that I was also an established choral composer. The wheels began turning and he knew a good friend who conducted a number of choirs in LA. Fast forward to late March and the dream had begun: we were going to record an album of a number of my choral compositions in LA! This project has been a labor of love, not only to create a legacy album of just a small portion of my songs, but with orchestration and new talented friends. I quickly began composing "out of the box", adding instrumental orchestrations and reaching out to other talented friends to share their musical skills, including that of our daughter, Emily. The joy of working again as a Mother/Daughter team has been immensely rewarding. She has used her skills as a producer to work with me on song selection and order of songs, rehearsal schedule, email communication, critical listening and so much more. Her Type A skills were once again put to use! After recording the instruments, the mixing and listening part has begun, and what a joy! We chose the absolute best musicians to be a part of this project (and happened to chat in the studio with Josh Groban and two of the Beach Boys who were working on an alternate project in our studio room! Yes, they're very nice and very humble. )

The album is expected to be available online through streaming services and hopefully a number of physical CDs will be available. I am so grateful for this unexpected opportunity and will definitely let people know when it is released!

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